The coalescence of campus technology requires innovative software that ties together hardware from multiple manufacturers.  Realm Control Corp provides comprehensive media retrieval and campus automation solutions for facilities of any size. Our software interfaces with digital media servers and control system hardware from various manufacturers to provide streaming and analog media retrieval and whole-campus automation solutions.

For the administrators we provide a centralized media repository that can be scheduled to any destination, regardless of format. Conflict resolution ensures that resources are not double-booked while digital copyright enforcement prevents broadcast violations. The entire Audio/Visual needs of the campus are served through one comprehensive solution.

For campus security, Realm Control solutions provide emergency preparedness capabilities including automated lockdown procedures, campus announcements via telephone and/or school PA, classroom messaging, and more. Phoenix is the right fit for schools looking to take advantage of the Readiness and Emergency Response Plan funding available from the US Department of Education.

For the end users we provide intuitive interfaces that enable control of media and room assets (projectors, local decks, motorized screens, lights, etc).  Our intuitive web client and optional support for touch panels and handheld remote controls simplify all aspects of media and room asset control.

Our mission is to develop scalable solutions that will support any topology. When applicable, our software enables reuse of legacy gear while also supporting the latest campus automation hardware and streaming media solutions. Whether the need is basic scheduling and control of DVD/VHS content, display device management, stored digital content distribution, or all of this bundled into a seamless package, our software is configurable to the environment.