Following are some of the capabilities provided by the Phoenix solution:

Whole–campus automation using a visual programming environment — define the assets, topology, and behaviors of your system without requiring site-specific code that must be updated whenever your facility configuration changes.

Shared resources — no need to purchase media devices for all destinations. Instead, Phoenix allows you to maximize your investment by sharing resources that are centrally located.

Conflict resolution — no two persons expect to have the same device or media simultaneously, except in the case of concurrent digital streams.

Licensing enforcement — protect your campus from the threat of lawsuits stemming from unauthorized distribution of content.

Power management — automatically power down all display devices every night, and bring them back up to specific channels the following morning if need be.

Intuitive control interfaces — control media using handheld remote controls, AMX or Crestron touch panels, or the intuitive XGen web client.

User Permission Management — determine what users have access to what media content.

Seamless integration of digital and analog devices — schedule and control analog devices (DVD Players, VCRs, etc.) and streaming digital content using the same interface.

Security — media devices remain safely mounted in a secure location.

Unrestricted media and display device support — any Head End media device and any display device with a control interface (IR, RS-232, Relay, TCP/IP) may be supported by Phoenix. A comprehensive suite of devices is supported within the software and any device that is not yet integrated may be added with ease. Phoenix does not restrict the make and model of DVD player, VCR, television, plasma screen, projector, etc. This allows you to determine what devices provide the most cost effective and useful feature set for your environment, instead of requiring that you adhere to a restricted list of supported devices.

Integrated Help Desk — a web interface that provides a simple way for instructors to submit trouble tickets.

Live Audio/Video paging — all-call and zone paging on demand.

Event Scheduling and Video On Demand — Schedule individual and permanent events, and watch any digital media on demand, either decoded to the classroom presentation device or streaming to the desktop.

Bells and PA — optional for K-12 environments.

Much more — the features listed above describe some of the highlights of the Phoenix Media Retrieval and Campus Automation solution.┬áContact us for more information.