Following are descriptions of our products and services:

  • Phoenix
    A comprehensive Media Retrieval and Campus Automation solution. Phoenix works in conjunction with an AMX control system to provide campus-wide device automation and friendly end-user control interfaces (read more).

  • Phoenix eLite
    A downscaled version of Phoenix. eLite allows a maximum of five sources and five concurrent users of the XGen web client interface. Also, no control of in-room display devices is provided. eLite is great for facilities that need control of Head End devices but do not wish to automate the entire campus. The cost of eLite goes against the purchase of the full version of Phoenix, should a site choose to upgrade in the future.

  • Campus Management System (CMS)
    A digital bell and Public Address system geared towards the K-12 environment (read more).

  • AMS3
    The upgrade path for the Administrative Management System, an analog bells and PA solution originally designed by AMX.

  • Custom Software Solutions
    Design and development of custom control system solutions for corporate, educational, residential, and house of worship environments.